The red thread, the thread of destiny, metaphor of the magical link between two souls, of the exit from the labyrinth, connects in a sensual, eccentric and provocative diorama, signed by Răzvan Vasilescu (Bucharest), Mihai Stan (Bucharest), Edward Aninaru (Los Angeles), Silent Strike (Bucharest), the viscerality of physical existence, captured in the key moment of awareness of one’s own absence, resulting from denial, minimization, discrimination. The fragile and invisible thread between order and chaos, like a wall, knots up generation after generation of unexpressed tensions. Through spatial choreography, by amplifying the tension with electro accents, the artists re-dimension through performative poetics the interconnection of memory with the drama of the present, multiplying it.

By essentializing in the hypostases of the bodies the cosmic scale of history and time, the project aims at visually balancing the concept of reality by resemantizing it. More precisely, starting from the idea of encapsulation in virtual reality (in the form of NFTs), the unpredictability of travelling through one’s own existence acquires cathartic virtues. Freedom from the fabric of one’s own life lies in disconnecting from all the baggage that fuels trauma, in effect reinventing the self by connecting to the self.

Location: Arcada Gallery, 7-9 Lăpușneanu Street