Born from the idea that the difference between photography and film is the manifestation of time, the concept of “Photographic Prose” creates a unique artistic expression, a powerful conversational tool and a whole new dimension to storytelling. Each NFT is a complex and dynamic story, diffusing the barrier between image, sound and film into a single work of art.
“The Red Thread” is constructed as the first series of The Photographic Prophesy and is based on the principle of transgenerational trauma. The burden we carry from our relatives, family and ancestors, the connection we have with traumas we didn’t ask for but live with every day. Abuse, discrimination, violence or emotional distress are passed on from generation to generation without our knowledge. How do we deal with it all? How do we become aware of them? How can we tackle them? All these answers are within us. And also, if you watch the NFT series “Red Threads”. Watch it. Experience it. Own it.
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The NFT project in figures:
Over 50 people involved in the team (sets, make-up, hair, lighting, etc.).
The biggest film studios in Romania – Castel Film
Record 18 continuous hours on set

The team:
Edward Aninaru – Photographer
Răzvan Vasilescu – Writer
Ioan Titu (Silent Strike) – Music and Sound Design
Mihai Stan – VFX
Amalia Năstase – Executive Producer and Public Relations Director