The exhibition showcases the latest collection of designs by Foraeva Studio, focused on re-imagining the tradition and crafts of the future through the advances of technology and computer science. 

A reflection on the cultural legacy for next generations, it is a celebration of heritage and diversity whilst decoding and reinventing centuries old graphics and motifs through computational design. The creative process is augmented by a bespoke algorithm designed to interpret and re-create traditional patterns, in a similar way the traditional sewn motifs were coded and transmitted through generations. 

Each design achieves new forms of expression materialised through the latest 3D printing technologies on fabric, carefuly crafted in collaboration with Stratasys. With unprecedented levels of detail, a new visual language is born through computer synthesis: the patterns are illustrated through complex symbols, text or figures, revealing hidden meanings and further telling the story of tradition.

Location: Palatul Culturii, etaj 1