Arsene Lucian Alexandru studied Fashion Design (BA) and Fashion and Costume Strategies (MA) at UNArte Bucharest, within the Faculty of Decorative Arts and Design. Currently, he is developing his creative activity in Bucharest, where he founded his own brand, at the same time, working in collaboration with an eveningwear creation atelier. He chose to head to the womenswear area, finding femininity a more interesting concept to develop an image around.

“As a child, I was attracted to bright objects, developing pieces around them. I think it was a natural line. “

LET THEM EAT CAKE is the BA project presented in 2017, a collection built by the hybrid form Brooke Candy – Marie Antoinette (played by Kirsten Dunst in the film version directed by Sofia Coppola). The pieces have a slightly masculine structure whose clean line offers a touch of stability and balance.
For this project he receives the MoleculeF scholarship, offered by Mirela Bucovicean.

For the MA work he wanted a collision between what is romantic, melancholic and a form of reality. Starting from this idea, he developed a special interest for the film Melancholia (2011), directed by the Danish director Lars von Trier. DIRECTIONS TO 47 ° 00’06.5 “N 26 ° 49’39.5” E (project presented in 2019) focuses on the immediate moment, prioritizing the transition from personal to tangible.

During the years of study he is nominated by the Elle Romania magazine team for the anniversary parties in the follow categories: Best Young Designer (Elle Style Awards, 2018) and Best Designer (Elle Style Awards, 2019). Presented on the platform “100ABSOLUTARTISTS”, the Fashion Design category, curated by Roxana Voloșeniuc, he receives the scholarship offered by Absolut Romania. Collaborates with Samsung for the Galaxy Note9 promotion campaign and with The Institute for professional exhibitions.

The pieces signed by Lucian can be found in the fashion editorials of glossy and profile magazines, such as: Elle, Glamour and Cosmopolitan, along with online & video appearances.

Arsene Lucian Alexandru, in everything he does, speaks of a freedom, but one with a complex modern romantic touch, future forward, dynamic, with classic lines; he tries to outline a design body with a contemporary identity.

Over the years, with each presented work, the evolution of the characteristic style has been defined by the key elements, which remain identical: modern proportions, special textiles, new forms and constant visual research.
ARSENE constructs a modern costume, defined by “a new kind of glamour”, “fine textile and construction” & “a modern persona”.