Jolidon is an international and manufacturer retailer in the textile industry, specifically in the lingerie, swimwear, and clothing sector.

The JOLIDON brand was launched in the spring of 1993, in the heart of Transylvania – Cluj-Napoca, Romania. The first pieces of underwear were made in a small workshop that initially had only 3-4 sewing machines – the minimum required to create underwear, this workshop became, during the 30 years, a factory whose dimensions intimidate any underwear manufacturer from Europe.

In Romania, Jolidon operates through its own retail network, comprising 74 physical stores, but also through a purchasing network (hypermarkets, multi-brand stores). With the launch of the online store in 2012, JOLIDON increased its presence and notoriety on the Romanian market, thus attracting new market segments. The JOLIDON range has been constantly developed and expanded, covering a wide variety of needs and preferences in terms of design, functionality.

Today, JOLIDON is present in more than 60 countries around the world, through our business customers – from specialized boutiques, to shopping centers, supermarkets, multi-brand stores, etc. Jolidon products are exported all over Europe, USA, Canada, Asia, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, etc. The online store supports the presence of the Jolidon brand on the international market since 2012, when orders can be made from anywhere in the world, except Russia.

JOLIDON has always sought to capture the seductive spirit of every woman, to describe her femininity through design, to encourage her to love her body shapes and unique beauty, creating elegant and seductive lingerie pieces. The phrase “Créateur de désir” that now accompanies the JOLIDON name highlights exactly this idea, both as a lingerie designer and as a manufacturer.

Jolidon is an international brand that incorporates European values and ideas, from quality and design to the raw material used to create the collections, key elements that make it known are highly valued. Underwear is both fashion and function. Taking this concept into account, we create and produce items that combine functionality with design and seduction. Thus, Jolidon products address multiple consumer segments.

Year after year, for the past three decades, we have consistently attended the most important events in the world of this industry, in locations such as Paris, Cannes, Florence, Berlin, Munich, Moscow, Athens, New York, Las Vegas, Miami, etc. where we present the latest collections.