SCARS by Mara Popa

A Graduate of the University of West in Timișoara, Mara Popa is a 1st year MA Student at the Fashion Design Department of UAD Cluj-Napoca.

In the multitude of their forms, scars tell our stories, being physical representations of the life, we have lived. The imperfections on the surface of the skin, but also those that are engraved deep in the soul, are what make us unique, reminding us that we are much stronger than we think, and at the same time, that the human being is shaped by a permanent fragility. 

SCARS is characterized by elegance, sensitivity, refinement, and the evocation of emotion, having as source of inspiration stories, experiences, and deep feelings. The homonymous debut collection, SCARS 2022, is the one that crowns the values of the brand, this being a tribute to scars. Inspired by the story of her own scar resulted from an open-heart surgery, the creative mind behind the brand, Mara Popa, ennobles the beauty of imperfections and their meaning. Emotion is what dictates the tone of all her creations, in a timeless aesthetic, where the emphasis is on handmade details and unique jewellery.