Benea Bogdan was born in 1996 in Deva, Romania. He studied at the Art Highschool, afterwards he graduated with a BA and MA at the Fashion Department of the University of Art and Design Cluj-Napoca. After graduating he pursued different areas connected to fashion, styling, photography, graphics, including curating, but in 2021 he became one of the founding designers of CYCLEDERROR, going back to his original passion.

Along the years, Benea participated in various exhibitions, fashion shows and competitions, both national and international. Awards like Silver in the Furever competition and the main prize of Inextenso – LAB in 2019, encouraged him at the beginning of his career.

Through different collaborations and projects his fashion design experience was developed, sending him towards a delicate and sophisticated area, detailing the expression “any garbage has a beauty”.

Big influences like Alexander McQueen, Maison Margiela and Galliano represent a starting point and guide for brave and creative design. His personal exploration in the subcultures of drag taught him to be glam, brave in his decisions and fearless in desig

The projects signed by Benea always have a flamboyant direction, explored volumes, diverse textures, constructions, and deconstructions carefully studied by him. From the obsession for diversity and understanding it, the drag-queen culture packed with international red carpets, guided the creation of his collection inspired by personal preferences and a new vision for his personal label.