Irina Anastasia Miu is a young designer whose art aims to emotionally provoke, through a certain brutalist aesthetic, on subjects often overlooked or misunderstood. Her convictions about human rights and the human-nature communion are the main sources of inspiration. Her artistic path is influenced by contemporary art, as well as avant-garde, exploring different creative methods. She appreciates the unpleasant aesthetics as valuable in art and uses messy, rough, and spontaneous lines to achieve the right blend of aesthetic and unesthetic.

The inspiration for the “THRIFTED” collection comes from acute concern about the climate crisis and is born out of a reference to the phenomenon of upcycling. The collection restructures second hand/vintage/archived pieces of clothing, thus challenging the imagination of the creator and the art consumer in an environmentally friendly manner. In this way, the most fascinating details of existing garments are given a new aesthetic value and integrated into upcycled creations.

The artistic approach has been guided by sustainability and is intended to help the in-depth discovery of the theme. 

Even though the project starts from the climate crisis, it develops gradually, first looking at the impact of fashion on climate change, then using second-hand pieces, the project comes to consider notions of fashion history, the impact of military conflicts on fashion and remembering our ancestors.

“The emotional value of the chosen subjects makes this theme so personal, as I believe art should be.”