| CHIC UTILITY | is a versatile and dual brand that prides itself on combining utility with aesthetics in its truest form. Founded by Diana Flore, a fashion designer and stylist from Cluj-Napoca, the brand offers high-quality designs oriented in two directions, as reflected in its name: chic and utility.

In each collection, Chic Utility presents a range of chic and functional clothing and accessories, catering to both a mature audience seeking luxury and elegant design, as well as a younger demographic drawn to current trends and fresh, cool elements.

Chic Utility represents the perfect fusion of two creative directions, resulting in playful and unique designs. The Chic aspect of the brand embodies timeless and classy elements, while the Utility line is more experimental, fusing sport and underground styles with elegant ones.

Overall, CU provides the ideal solution for those seeking an original, functional fashion style that doesn’t promote the “fast fashion” industry or compromise on quality. The brand’s commitment to fusing aesthetics and utility sets it apart in a crowded market, and its dedication to quality ensures that its designs will stand the test of time.