“Black Clothes White Souls” it’s not just a slogan, it’s a philosophical way to address the wearer. The concept, of monastic inspiration, defines the quintessence of Andra Handaric’s creations. She designs transformative pieces, thoughtfully constructed volumes, rooted in the austere aesthetic, in which the spiritual value pervades the outer shell- that is subject to constant change.

Authenticity is the percept under which she is seeking to decline her creative universe pursuing to materialize the innermost visions into tangible realities at the intersection of Brutalism and Wabi Sabi.

The dichotomy of physical covering and spiritual disclosure is a challenge to inner contemplation. The garment is a shelter, a protective layer under which mystery regains value through countless ways of interaction with the wearer.

ANDRAHANDARICstudio’s aesthetic is defined by clean, geometric cuts, organic textures, experimental processes, with a focus on versatility and sustainability. Until now, the brand has participated at national and international events among which Dubai. Design Week, Paris Fashion Week, IED “25 years designing the future” at Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, UNITED FASHION |48H MAISONS DE MODE LILLE, 080 Barcelona, Romanian Design Week, Skopje Design Weekend, Fashionclash Maastricht, Feeric Fashion Week.

Besides running the brand and managing the creative direction of the atelier, Andra is working on personal or collaborative projects which involve installation, scenography and performance, her most recent theater costume project being staged at the National Theater in Cluj Napoca.