Otilia CHITIC is a Lighting & Interior Designer, graduate of the Faculty of Visual Arts and Design, Environmental Design section, “George Enescu” University of Art, Iasi. Her practice is focused on interior design and the study of connections between man and inhabited space, focusing lately on the importance of light for a healthy living. Initiator and founding member of the artistic spaces Meru and Creators’ Club, co-founder of Hubrica, she is an advocate of the fusion between creativity and entrepreneurship.

Titus IVAN

Titus IVAN is a sculptor, graduate of the Faculty of Visual Arts and Design, Sculpture section, “George Enescu” University of Art, Iasi. He has participated in numerous symposiums, art camps and solo and group exhibitions both in the country and in France and Austria. Founding member of the Meru Iasi hub and co-founder of Hubrica, he is currently working in Iasi exploring new possibilities in sculpture through various techniques and materials.


Bogdan CURTEANU is an architect, graduate of the Faculty of Architecture “GM Cantacuzino” in Iasi. His professional practice has led him to explore programs in industrial, residential, horeca architecture, as well as interior and object design. In his interior design projects he takes a multidisciplinary approach, inserting metaphors into the spaces he creates that call you to discover the message. One example is ODDITY bar in Iasi. He is currently working in the Bitecture office in Iasi as co-founder.