It’s not about what you’re doing.

It’s about who you are in the space of what you’re doing.

A sculptor, a designer and an architect walk into a bar…

this is the premise of the collaborative project The Sin of Wonder which seeks to define modern sin and how we have changed our attitude towards sin.

What’s modern? What’s ours? What have we borrowed?

The three have conspired to create good cheer in a small place in the hospitality industry: the Entrance towards the Shottery. The Shot’s Tailoring Shop, the oldest shottery in Iasi, is through a tunnel once considered banal.

The creatives set out to spark new perspectives on how we perceive built space by combining elements of art, light design, interior architecture and entrepreneurship. A large-scale bas-relief reinterprets the theme of knowledge and original sin in a tunnel that moves from the necessary reality of convention to human connections cemented by shouts of friendship.