Location: BEER ZONE, 19.00. Free entrance. Reservations can be made at 0790 654 455 by 14:00 on the day of the event.


Dora Gaitanovici is one of the most talented artists on the Romanian music scene and already has dozens of national trophies to her credit, in addition to her successful participation in Vocea României 2018, where she was one of the four finalists. She studies piano, saxophone, singing and is passionate about jazz, blues, rock and classical music, and is currently a student at the University of Music in Bucharest. 

The first album released by Dora Gaitanovici is called “Descântec” (Disenchantment) and is a conceptual one, in which the artist presents duality, each track having its correspondent, and the material ends with the ninth track, “Descântec”, which concludes the chain of mystical references. The first track on the album, “Ana”, is the song participating in the National Selection of the Eurovision 2022 contest, with which Dora reached the souls of the viewers, ranking first in the public’s preferences, according to the votes. Also, “Ana” has been in the first position in the Spotify Viral Romania chart for three consecutive weeks.