Paulina, “Romania’s Million Dollar Girl”, has won over audiences with songs and albums defined as an artistic rebellion on Balkan rhythms, on the brink between suffering and opulence.

Paulina has taken piano, singing and violin lessons, but she is the type of artist who lets her intuition guide her. Raised among cassette tapes, close to fiddlers and creative people, she comes from a musical family where she learned to love life through art. Throughout the world, Paulina searches for beauty in the unconventional, with innocence and gentleness. The best known song in Paulina’s repertoire is “Your Million Dollar Baby”, which she wrote before she decided to move to Bucharest from Brasov, and the concept of the song was inspired by the movie “Million Dollar Baby”. Paulina has performed in the opening of the two “Rockadelia” concerts on the 1st and 2nd of June 2022, at festivals such as ” Women on the Mătăsari” and “Film in the Village”, as well as sold out concerts in various clubs in Bucharest.

Paulina experiments with new and intense sounds and moods, bringing in artists from all areas of music – from trap and alternative to metal in a unique musical fusion.