Maidan is the first trap music producer in Romania and has been present on the Romanian hip-hop scene for more than 20 years. His most important skill is the flair for sensing young artists with the greatest potential. During the two decades of producing music, Maidan was among the first producers to give credit to young talents at the time, artists at the beginning of their careers, and here we are talking about names like: WS GANG, Black Mattias, NMW Yanni & Umberto , Calinacho, Berechet, ghosty punk, Alex and Tugay & Tugay and Alex, Angeles, Young Foe & Tre.

He founded the Foreign Boys project, together with Neko, a group of producers attentive to the newest styles and ready to revolutionize the Romanian music industry. Currently, their doors are open to the most talented Romanian beatmakers. From 2016 until now, Foreign Boys’ produced tracks for artists such as Grasu XXL & Guess Who, IAN & Azteca, NANE, YNY Sebi, OG Eastbull, Tranda, just to list a small part of them, are approaching a hundred million streams across all digital platforms. There are few names with whom he did not get to collaborate, but at this moment he is preparing his first solo material, as an artist-producer, to be released under Def Jam Recordings Romania.


Charismatic and versatile, BLANCO shows off his rapper qualities through powerful and catchy lyrics delivered in trap, drill and classic hip-hop styles. Now he is ready to assert himself as a leader of his generation after the successful release of his first album, which will be followed by his second album in the first half of 2023.


Full of strength & energy, GSA is a young talent on the urban scene in Romania. Born in Târgoviste, GSA started his career on Soundcloud, inspired by artists such as Travis Scott, Future or Young Thug. From then until now, he trained his skills as an artist day by day and started releasing solo tracks like “Superlativ”, but also collaborations with artists like WS GANG, Mobtrap, Lil Cagulă and many others. His latest release is “VDFN” with Tussin.


When the south of Bucharest started to make noise with the voices of the WS group, COMANN was in the front line with the whole group. His artistic rise began with the songs Tokyo Drill (with Valee), Trap Attack Cypher (with DZWS and 21Siempre), but also many other individual collaborations or with the whole WS group.

Also coming from the same harsh environment, COMANN sings about real events & life on the streets of the capital, but at the same time he also lets his deepest feelings come out in his lyrics, showing his artistic sensibility.

After a year full of collaborations and appearances in Bucharest’s trap clubs with WS GANG, COMANN sparked curiosity among hip-hop listeners, and the need to work on his own material became too great. COMANN promises tracks that are just as real and well-rooted in the WS lifestyle, but also has a poetic area that he will explore more on the tracks to come.