Constantly bombarded with information that competes to grab our attention by exaggerating their importance and seriousness, we forgot to take a step back and look detachedly at what is happening around us. 

“Alta ora de dans!”(Another dance hour) we will dance the whole show. All kinds of styles. We talk about the duality and hypocrisy of people, about the seriousness and comedy in their lives, in our lives. 

We do not exclude us. We are talking about contemporary dance made free, meaningless, dramatic and sometimes fueled by clichés. We ironize the whole movement of minimal, conceptual and undisciplined dance, without form, but especially without background. We defuse the situations through irony, laughter and the illustration of a reality of dance known only inside. We unpack each dance built in the show, we reduce it to its original form to show how naked it is without purpose, without feelings and without emotions.


Stoica Filip – Coregraf şi interpret 

Răzvan Rotaru – Coregraf şi interpret 

Adrian Piciorea – Sound design 

Liviu Buzăţel: Poze 

Durata: 1h 

Data premierei: 23 noiembrie 2018 

Alte difuzări: Cuibul Artiştilor, Linotip, Fringe festival, Festival Connect din Craiova, iUmor sezonul 12

Filip Stoica

I’m an interpreter and choreographer, with a strong background in contemporary dance, contact improvisation and breakdance. I’ve been exploring these various ways of movement since 2010. In the past I have collaborated with various people and institutions, like the Galway Dance Academy (Ireland), The Linotip Independent Choreography Center, Jan Burkhart, Marty Kudelka, and Gigi Caciuleanu – among many others. All of these experiences have combined and helped me understand that the way I learn and develop how I move my body and interact with the world is right at the cultural merging point between all of the styles of dance. For me, movement and dancing, specifically, is a manifestation of our bodies and feelings. Everything that makes us human and brings us closer together, like breathing, walking, common gestures and feelings are our way of dancing through the world. In the end, everything I learned and experienced throughout the way turned up and influenced the creation of my own show, “Scuze, noi!” (“Sorry, Us!”), hosted by Cuibul Artistilor (Nest of Artists) from Bucharest.

Răzvan Rotaru

Răzvan Rotaru is an actor, a dancer, a puppeteer, a human being and last but not least a performer who is permanently curious and amazed. He likes playing and acting, he believes very much in the very moments taking place here and now, while constantly looking for new feelings and senses. He combines acting with movement, juggling theatrical performances (“Super OK”, “Masa Puterilor Noastre” [The Table of Our Strenghts]), contemporary dance shows (“Moving Fields”, “Basma Curată” [Clean Wrap]), interactive shows (“Crimă la cină” [Dinner and Crime], “Pe bune” [Oh, really]), alongside circus performances (“Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”). He has recently joined comedy and dance in producing the contempo-fun duet with Filip Stoica “5cu23 n01” [Now you excuse us]. He loves children very much, ‘having’ more than 200 at his Buzău-based Mike’s School of Dance.