Studio AMOS is a small but mighty craft studio based in the South East of England. They grow and harvest local materials to make objects ranging from functional baskets to statement lighting and large scale installations.

They create baskets and woven objects as a response to the materials they gather from the land. They cultivate around twenty different types of willow and often combine them with coppiced wood. Their passion lies in seeing the entire making process from source to finished piece.

Their work is influenced by the strength of agricultural baskets, the curves of the landscape, and a profound respect for traditional crafts. They draw inspiration from the uncomplicated connections they share with makers from the past.

Their craft involves weaving and binding techniques that have been used for thousands of years to create small-scale domestic objects, lighting, furniture, and larger-scale woven forms. Their connection with nature inspires them to create site-specific, exquisitely crafted works that are steeped in history and the environment.

Collaboration is a crucial aspect of their work. They enjoy exchanging ideas with makers from other fields. Their approach to work is playful, but they always strive for a high level of craftsmanship in the final product.

They are extremely grateful to the makers who came before them and discovered incredible ways to make and construct. They appreciate the simplicity of basket making and need only a knife and some willow rods to create a basket.