Cristian Rusu

Cristian Rusu (n. 1972) is a visual artist and scenographer, PHD Lecturer at the Faculty of Theatre and Film at the “Babeș-Bolyai” University in Cluj. His main artistic research is focused around questioning space and melancholic meditation on the hues of the sublime in contemporary context. Through various visual arts techniques and combining spatial and architectural concepts, the artist interrogates the interaction between aesthetics, fragility and ideology, mostly through site-specific projects.


We don’t have a park. We have a square.

The idea of the installation starts from my research around the space I work with. Alongside this process, themes like the labyrinth or ruins complement my melancholic meditation on space in relation with the sublime in contemporary terms. The installation A Walk in the Park transports the message ironically and critically from the linguistic cliche (one relaxes through walks in the park) to the spatial experience, problematic on the real ground, with something one does not see everyday: the ruins of our daily life, and even more recent, the ruins of war and earthquakes.

A Walk in the Park becomes an interactive experience between the public and the installation, with a double intent: reflecting on public space and the relief of tension brought by hosting contemporary public art installations. 

The proposed labyrinth is both physical and in our mind. We create it and we also demolish it. But only if we are able to recompose something new from the present ruins, among which we are walking.