CUIB, or the Urban Center for Good Initiatives, is the green social enterprise of the Better Business Association that follows the parent organization’s mission to contribute to a better community that is environmentally sustainable, socially equitable and governed by sound ethical norms and principles. Probably the most sustainable bistro in Romania in terms of its social and environmental goals, CUIB puts into practice the principles of food with a positive impact: meat-free, local, seasonal, slow, waste-free. These principles will be integrated into the dinner prepared at RCW by George Vintilă, the most dedicated and involved of the bistro’s chefs, and Roxana Dumitrașcu, the most passionate and creative person to have stepped into our kitchen. Together they have been working in CUIB for almost 10 years, a space that is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year.

Fundația Comunitară Iași

Iasi Community Foundation aims to bring together people who move things and things worth moving, for the benefit of the whole community, to make Iasi a city where we are proud to live.

The aim of the Iași Community Foundation is to build a better future for Iași and the whole region in a sustainable way, by encouraging the joy of giving.

By professionally and transparently administering the donations received from Iasians, it ensures that donors’ goals are met, thus providing concrete opportunities for community members to participate, catalyze the best ideas and support quality programs.

Fundația Comunitară Țara Făgărașului

The Țara Făgărașului Community Foundation (FCTF) inspires and supports local initiatives, mobilizes resources and brings together people and organizations willing and able to contribute to the long-term development of communities. FCTF is a local institution that works as a mechanism to identify needs and opportunities, proposes strategies, creates the environment for community support and development and pursues public benefit in its work. FCTF fosters philanthropic spirit, involvement in any way in the proposed projects and campaigns, by dedicating the results exclusively to the community and by a careful and transparent administration.