Alexandru Floarea

Alexandru Floarea is a Graduate of the “George Enescu” National University of Arts from Iaşi, Fashion Design department. His works have been presented at events such as Bilbao International Art and Fashion, Romanian Design Week, Vienna Design Week at the RDW Awards, as well as at local personal exhibitions “Black subdivision” (Hotel Traian Gallery, 2016) and “Dni powstania” ( DANA Gallery, 2017).

The designer tends to create a personal relationship with fashion. A relationship in which trends and seasons do not matter, instead concept and its materialization are in focus. In his vision, design is a way of thinking, expressing, even living, and like the countless art forms currently existing, it is based on the fundamental visual elements: the combination of shapes, lines, colours, whether they are related or not to a representation of the outer world. But over and above, the fashion design is primarily the designer and his tools, the materials he uses, all the technical extensions of his own being in action. It is the work and the result of his work, it is his vocation and effort, his way of thinking and not ultimately, it is his technique.

Creation is the expression of the artist, and the way he thinks and explores his inner world, personal quests for self-knowledge and development, manifests itself in all his projects.

Showing an attraction to matter, he is always seeking new ways to express himself through experiments with unconventional materials and techniques, combining ready-made elements with the deconstruction and reconstruction of matter, merging the structures, forms and organic elements as an inspiration source. His work is closely related with art and the creator-creation relationship, thus considering his manifestations as a form of creative resistance to an alert and devouring system. You find statements in the artist’s outfits that test your emotions and your psyche, sometimes extinguishing your ignorance, often transposing you through the textures of the pieces in different areas of emotional comfort. Therefore, they do not only have the purpose of a product, hiding most of the times in their technique the concept, and articulating, through colour and form, answers regarding the past, present and future.

A repressed atmosphere, a lost memory, the disintegration of man, result from his work. Beyond the provocative fashion message, there is a deep charged aspect to his creations. Disturbing contrasts arise from the contents created by the artist, which draw you into a vortex whose opening is in fact the mirror of the consciousness of each of us. Through materiality, composition, colour or structure, he gives to his projects an aspect of external beauty and ugly in concept, expressiveness, originality and an unrepeatable mark. Sometimes, through their cover, the outfits seem to look like characters brought to life, they are a sophisticated exploration of the morality, the evil, the lack, but also of the consciousness of the postmodern man in front of a unique exercise of human resurrection.