THE BOHEMIAN FOX is the title of a book that Carmen Magdalena dreamt of writing, filling it with events and adventures from her own childhood. Always being an “explorer”, one day, she discovered her mothers and grandmother’s dowry chest: it was full of woven, hand-processed fabrics (wool, linen and hemp), inviting her to create stories with it.

Blades of grass, wildflowers, fir forests, wooden houses, geese and clouds are just some of the key elements used in the making of Vulpea Boema clothing creations.

At the same time, it is impossible to exclude the art of knitting, where pieces such as: ribbed-knit hats, scarves, vests, flannels, socks or gloves with one finger, have the power to transpose you into the heart of childhood. Knitted garments that our parents and grandparents used to dress us, to protect us from cold seasons.

All yarns and natural fibers of animal origin used to make their knitted items, come from small, controlled farms where animal welfare is protected.