For those who don’t know me, my name is Tudor Halațiu and I am one of the well- known young romanian designers. I studied fashion design at the University of Decorative Arts and Design in Cluj-Napoca license level, and then I came toBucharest where I continued my studies at UnArte, master level and later I started to build my personal brand step by step. When you are active in the creative field, it is quite difficult to describe yourself in words! In general, the clothes I create tell 99% of my story. A good story in this area starts with a bold character that perfectly captures a successful action! Over time I came to believe that every designer is born with this aspiration, to create something fantasticallyand the result I enjoyed when I was a mini Tudor was to have the most beautiful dolls, and today I am one of the most discussed names of young romanian designers.

Tudor Halațiu brand is and will always be a brand that talks about the visual power expressed through extravagance. The word power comes with extravagance, because in this industry I believe that visual power push you to the top of the best designers. The enemy of the word “good” is the phrase “very good,” and this is very well associated with power. I havenever wanted my brand to be positioned in a lower area and I strongly believe that my efforts to make this brand shine day by day are supported by the activity I present in the online zone, in the care that I want my story to go on in a clean way, but also about the characters I associate with when I talk about projects. I think it’s very important to know whatyou want to tell as an individual brand and a fashion designer, and I think at this point I’m at a clear enough maturity to realize that fashion is closely related to global socio-political and socio- cultural events. Over the years of activity in this field I believe that the most important and strong concepts in fashion are those that make direct reference to thestages in human evolution, starting from self-knowledge, spirituality, sex, etc. I have an affinity for the mystical and spiritual area in which human is integrated, concepts that I integrate in all the collections that I propose, on the runway and in the ready-to-wear collections. This is one of the elements that makes my brand recognizable, in addition to the explosions of sequins, the abundance of metallic shades, the bold combinations of textures and the bold silhouettes that Ipropose.

The creations signed by Tudor Halațiu talk about confidence, courage, strength and success! Success requires courage,and for me success means solid and well-defined values which helps you in the journey you have chosen to follow. Iconsider that at the moment the most important value that my personal brand and I have is the fact that I have alwaysbeen a person who stood out in any context. This comes with the risk of trying new areas and experimenting modern aesthetics in the direction I follow when I creat my collections. In addition, there is the courage to express my style in an original and recognizable way and as an example in a room where there would be 100 items created by romanian designers, my item would be recognized very easily and certainly would stand out. I follow a very solid principle in this industry, a principle with I also educate my personal brand: “it takes courage to dethrone the aesthetics of Tudor Halațiu”. Some people would perceive this as self-access, but I only correlate it with the courage to do something different.

Going back to the values I don’t think that you can establish your values as a personal brand from the very beginning, but I think that it is rooted along the way, depending on the image and the message you want to express. When I stepped into this industry I did not know even 1% on what values my identity as a designer will be built, but after a few years spent inthis industry I consider that my main values that I have acquired are integrity and originality. On a personal level I became a much bolder and much more radical person, and on a professional level I became much more professional thanks to this recipe. I consider myself a very lucky person from this point of view, because I don’t have to bother much to carry on my story because it relates itself and sometimes you don’t need words. The self-confidence I have gained over the last few years allows me to talk about myself and my work in the superlative way and because I am so confident of my power as a designer, in some cases words are unnecessary.

If I have to write a letter to myself, now at the beginning of the road, which I would read in a few years, I would write the following words: Tudor, be kind, educate yourself, appreciate any advice, grow and fight with the gods, not with thevalets!