MURMUR is an international ready-to-wear brand launched in 2011 by Andreea Badala. The brand focuses on reconnecting women to their femininity and sensuality and on celebrating the joy of being a woman through clothing.

A believer in confidence and timelessness, MURMUR embeds bold design and impeccable technique to highlight and enhance a woman’s hourglass silhouette. Designer Andreea Badala finds endless inspiration in the feminine outlines of the 50s, the intimacy of lingerie and the gestures of dressing and undressing, and translates them into modern outfits that can be worn with every occasion.

Beyoncé, Madonna, Dua Lipa, Kylie Jenner, Kristen Stewart, Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry are some of the celebrities who wore MURMUR’s most spectacular pieces that are made in a Bucharest-based atelier.