THE CABIN took form through 3 separate creative perspectives which are focusing on the same artistic goal.

The purpose is to maximize an exquisite experience manifested through deconstruction and clean cuts.  In an unpredictable manner, the bow tie does not only belong to the man, but it becomes a key element between feminine and masculine. This classifies elegance in its utmost form.

The collection that is about to be presented is named HOURGLASS and it suggests an eternal setting. The concept is based on the never-ending perspective of sand which flows in the hourglass.

The choice of timeless, sustainable and 100% natural materials will delay the process of transiency thereby the excessive production is being minimized. The chromatic is inspired by abusive process of destroying clothes after the trends disappear. The colour palette proposes, in a metaphorical way, the cycle of a piece of clothing: from its creation which is – white, then its life represented by – beige, up until its final moments suggested by – black.