SCAPADONA by Andreea Ivan

The brand was created because of the passion and the need for freedom and ease in today’s lifestyle and it wishes to bring these to their customers with a sense of earthbound and confidence, through long lasting designs and a good deal of charm. SCAPADONA creates garments which bring comfort, with a subtle, elegant approach.

The brand’s aesthetic proposes classic and clean lines enhanced by adornments such as flowers, drapery, textured fabrics, or prints. Whether they get peculiar, romantic, or masculine, their garments always fit into concepts inspired by the relation between elements like nature and emotions. The designer’s origins from a Black Sea-shore town have inspired a true love for the sea and its poetry, which can be persistently noticed in most of the brand’s stories.

While creating vulnerably, SCAPADONA constructs a certain feeling which comes with wearing their clothes. The brand believes in individuality and creates with the purpose of helping their customers feel self-assured, free, and powerful.

The brand’s founder and designer, Andreea Ivan, a Graduate of the National University of Arts in Bucharest, put her vision into work by approaching all the above and has instilled definite values into building the brand, such as: respect for heritage and history, responsibility, sustainability, and well-being. She believes in the dual quality of design – decoration and functionality, so the pieces she creates are made to satisfy both sides.

The aesthetic style approached is casual, natural, and eclectic. Regarding the succession of the collections in particular, the stylistic atmosphere remains true to the concept of each collection. Hence an unpredictable chromaticity, the use of mixes of prints and textures or spontaneous combinations of materials. The defining aesthetic style for the designer is based on the idea of challenge, unpredictability, and stylistic subtlety.

The collection which launched the brand was the designer’s graduation project. “Undersea River” had a concept built around the idea of duality and contradiction, metaphorically derived from this suggestive natural element: a river within the sea – a sweet, fast-flowing river in a salty and static water. The idea was born from the designer’s personal interests, closely related to the sea and water, both from an aesthetic and conceptual point of view. Stylistically, the direction of the collection was mature and precious, fine, subtly approaching the chromatic side, the textile factor, and fabric manipulation.

From here, the brand launched in a transitory process, towards the idea of Ready-to-Wear and towards collections that include both artistic pieces and the practical and functional side, all products being made in accordance with the needs which the brand aims to satisfy, of comfort and refinement, for a contemporary, yet nostalgic, sensitive lifestyle.