RALUC by Raluca Mihai

Raluc started in the summer of 2021 as a manifestation of my artistic vision. The “mission” of the brand is to create timeless, durable, and high-quality clothes that tell a story. My passion for drawing was a major influence, which facilitated the closeness and desire to make clothes. I find inspiration either from nature or from the beauty and fluidity of the human body, both being in constant motion, transformation, which is an unlimited creative resource. The clothes are inspired from this concept and materialize in clear, sculptural, clean shapes and lines that highlight the body. Most pieces are minimalist, casual, over-sized or adjustable to support diversity and create unique ways to wear clothes. The final product is a balance between colour, composition, and material. The vision of the brand is responsible in terms of material resources and the process of creation and sale, being a slow-fashion business. In other words, the garments are made to order, to avoid wasting material or other resources. Brand integrity consists in controlling the production, creation, and choice of quality materials.

The brand’s debut was in November 2021 with the launch of the “Pink Days / Blue Days” collection. The name of the collection suggests overcoming the standard of assigning colours to a particular gender and it is inspired by the work of the artist Louise Bourgeois, Pink Days and Blue Days, which invites the viewer into the intimacy of her childhood, suggesting the artist’s growing-up process.

Located on the border of casual and classy, ​​the „Pink Days/Blue Days” collection wants to offer individuality to both the wearer and the garment. It is an attempt to escape from reality and to fight for the beauty of fluidity.

Due to the latest collection, the brand has evolved on all levels. “Motherhood” is a personal experience, a story that is inspired by reality, respectively by the experiences of my mother. My work is about and for her, and the result of this artistic process is a collection of emotions, feelings and inspirations from artists who have used the same theme. The idea of “Motherhood” does not remain only on a personal level in the work but goes beyond this plan and explores the theme in a general sense as well.

The role of contemporary clothing is to be easy-to-wear, but ‘with a twist’, movement and multifunctionality being two main elements to consider. Handmade and tailoring details highlight the uniqueness and personality of the pieces. The shapes vary from organic to sculptural depending on the material, piece, colour, concept. The main purpose of the collection is to create effortless clothes that last over time and suits any type of body. Also, the multifunctionality of the clothes encourage the creativity of the wearer because it generates new styling variants. The collection embodies softness, sensitivity and movement, a metaphor for the contemporary individual in a situation of continuous uncertainty of trying to find himself. Although they are in antithesis, the brand manages to combine organic and structure, sensitivity, and harshness, thus embracing duality.