POST SCRIPTUM by Alina Luncașu

Post Scriptum (style add-ons) was born three years ago with the goal of optimizing a wardrobe through accessories to upgrade any outfit. Starting with detachable sleeves, belts with layered tails, harnesses or legwarmers and ending with various layers, all of them are part of the brand proposal. I truly believe that the need of constant reinventing does belong to us, the women, especially because of fighting against boredom, or it’s just our chameleonic spirit when it comes to clothes.

My desire of reinventing and redesigning clothes has led me on another path; the one dedicated to working uniforms that soon gained new dimensions – uniforms designed being mindful of the brand and its identity. So, Post Scriptum introduces a new concept in a dynamic market where brands strive to differentiate themselves from their competition, by creating perfect synergy between the brand and its expression – uniforms or equipment. And we go beyond the aesthetics of the brand. All creations are designed and produced having in mind their destination, functionality, and sustainability.

We managed to create functional & cool prototypes for clients in industries as diverse as: food, healthcare, beauty, services (cleaning, delivery), sales and entertainment. All our proposals are in fact, alternatives to fast fashion in the work wear industry considering the cuts, the different heavy-use fabrics or its unisex character or the unstandardized measures.