OVERLAP by Iulia Vlejoangă

My name is Iulia Vlejoangă and I was born in Bucharest, Romania. My passion for the artistic field made me engage in different forms of art, starting with painting and drawing in childhood to getting to create costumes and decor within international contests, where my interest in fashion design has started to bloom.

Currently, I continue to learn and excel doing what I love, wanting to accumulate as much information and knowledge as I can regarding creation. My vision is complex, technical, I like to emphasize patternmaking, finishing touches and details and give my creations a clean look.

OVERLAPS’ concept follows an urban theme, an eccentric neighbourhood which is distinguished by its association with many fashion styles. The source of inspiration, Harajuku neighbourhood – a place characterized by its people, describes the process of showing one’s colours, expressiveness and the association between appearance and essence, human and garment.

The title represents the overlap of all layers the collection frames. From the idea, concept and inspiration to the technical execution and the finishing touches, OVERLAP highlights the fact that before reaching the final look, the process is based on layers which overlap, forming a defined whole.

The chained layers and carefully made collection of clothes is a complete palette of garments, accessorized with metal jewellery, a personal creation. Elegant and multifunctional, with an appealing colour palette, my creations offer unlimited variations of combining and zipping.