I am Maria Țepeș-Greuruș and I am the founder of the brand The Blacklist. Often, in my personal experience as a buyer, I was not able to find exactly what I was looking for. I liked a clothing item but not fully, wishing I could change something about it. Having analysed the issues I have been confronted with during the process of shopping, especially online, I wanted to create a brand that would meet these impediments and ease these processes. Simultaneously, I wanted to build a brand that offers, beyond mere inanimate garments, experiences.

We live in a world which is constantly moving. We always feel like we do not have enough time. The modern woman juggles the daily challenges in her life and needs quick solutions for transforming into all the roles that she plays daily.

The first collection, LBD, is an exclusive modular and transformable collection, that highlights the versatility of the renowned “little black dress”. It curates dresses of different styles and cuts, that can be worn for all occasions. Whether you are a punk princess, a glam queen, or a classic lady, you’re sure to find that dress that fits just right. If you are not sure which dress flatters your silhouette, next to each of our tops and skirts you’ll find the body shape they suit best, to assist you in creating the most harmonious appearance and accentuate your best features. The possibilities are endless.

Our slogan is “know the rules so you can break them.”

Our mission is to create timeless, high-quality, lasting garments, that will assist the buyer in exploring and building their personal style and be an instrument in protecting our environment.