Mădălina Buzaș is a graduate of the Faculty of Decorative Arts and Design at the University of Art and Design in Cluj-Napoca. She works in the industry as a designer of a sportswear and streetwear Romanian brand and at the same time continues to build her own identity by projecting her artistic vision in clothing.

The products signed by Mădălina Buzaș express maturity and independence, at the same time the acceptance of one-self. We are talking about classic, timeless pieces, which the designer interprets in a very personal way, slightly non-conformist, without the intention of giving up their functionality. Nothing seems to be accidental, and all the details have a purpose of their own, which ultimately completes the outfit and outlines the character, by placing it in the context of contemporaneity. She seeks balance between feminine and masculine energy through combinations of elements recognized as stereotypes for each gender and maintains a strong line and dark chromatic hues that ultimately is balanced with fine, subtle, and often precious details.