LENCA by Eli Vanghelici

LENCA is a Romanian brand founded by Elena Vanghelici, a graduate of the National University of Arts in Bucharest. The name LENCA is a derivative of the name Elena and comes from Aromanian culture. It was passed down from generation to generation in the designer’s family, where tradition presupposes that the grandchildren must inherit the names of the grandparents. Therefore, the name itself keeps the past alive and gives transcendental attributes to the present.

LENCA started from Elena’s desire to express her own vision of femininity. The image of femininity has changed majorly along with the status of women in society and following these “revolutions” have appeared iconic shapes in fashion, that the brand integrates into the modern wardrobe. Therefore, LENCA is about a symbiosis of the past with the present, about shapes, colours, textures that make a statement and about women who are not afraid to propose bold outfits, which will stand out regardless of the context.