The CYCLEDERROR brand was founded in March 2021 by fashion designers: Benea Bogdan, Bogdana Firu and Alexandra Grajdeanu, who have a strong connection and passion for sustainability and innovation.

The focus of the brand is to bring back the corset into the wardrobe of the everyday modern woman, the corset, which was something painful in the past, is transformed and becomes an addition to any outfit. Due to its success, the corset became representative of the CYCLEDERROR brand, which is also looking for modern interpretations of the classical pieces by using recycling, upcycling and sustainability as a foundation for their designs.

The brand’s mission now is to push the corset into even more complex directions, offer even more diversity for the product to become a staple in anyone’s outfit and to push commercial limits regarding the use of upcycled materials. The CYCLEDERROR corsets are here, and they have the purpose to empower any fashion lover, by simply being designed with care and thought towards the wearer and the environment.

For the winter/fall season we have created and produced our hoodie-corset item, taking the idea of a corset into hybridization.

In 2022 the brand is launching more collections, both clothing and accessories that will push CYCLEDERROR forward into more complex designs and more diversity, always looking for innovation, sustainability, versatility, feminist, hybridization, and identity.