Andra Bucșev would describe her work as a juxtaposition of ideas and uncontrolled feelings, as a result of the fact that her creations are strongly influenced by the Punk subculture, both from a visual point of view and as a state of mind.

After graduating her BA at the Fashion Department of the National University of Arts Bucharest, she decided to explore her artistic side more, in order to offer a clearer impression of her visual identity.

This long creative process leaded to the point when Andra began to portray her inspirations through the MONTAGE Project.

Even though a montage is literally just a technique of piecing together separate visual sections to form a continuous whole, the designer uses the term both as a metaphor of life and as a mean of expressing the artistic vision on fashion design.

MONTAGE is a project that was designed in order to encourage people to accept themselves as they are, allowing each element of their being to retain it’s separate identity as a way of adding meaning to the composition of life.

The figurative sense of the concept is suggested by the combination of textures, the fluidity dynamic and also by the shape of the fashion pieces. The products become a manifest of sentimental anarchy, a proof of absolute freedom and last but not least a reassembly of contemporan stereotypes.

Only you can change the structure of the MONTAGE.