From waste to experimental couture is a mini-gallery of accessories,  garments and ceramics made from plant based and sustainable materials. Making an impact on our planet requires realizing that not all trash is waste, and we should view it as a raw material that can be used to (re)design something new and wonderful.

Together, through creative solutions like the ones invited in this exhibition, we can help promote a more resilient world and a sense of wonder at Others. Sometimes we need to step back from our own matrix, break through the blister that encapsulates us, reconnect with others like us and remember the larger tapestry in which we are woven. A solitary but meaningful withdrawal into the garden of the #FromWasteToExperimentalCouture exhibition will give you the opportunity to do just that.

Location: Palatul Culturii
Curator: Caterina Pruteanu
Assistant curator: Adina Orboi
Architect: Oana Stanciu