BOL Fashion Of Nature by Oana Lupaș

Immersing myself in nature, I am able to glimpse the meaning of happiness. Walking through life, I see its complexities… I yearn with the desire to unravel them.

The pure attention that kids turn to everything around them is my key to unlocking the wonder, beauty, joy and the interchange in nature. I gracefully pursue and cherish this miracle, while being in nature.

With this same passion, BOL creations are emboldened with my pure contemplation of the Natural. Its harmony overflowing into my spirit – a vivid exchange of affections and being alive. An interchange of thrill and pulse.

BOL mirrors the art of observing life in all forms, through the unfolding of the nature of happiness.

BOL is an elegy for love and ephemeral beauty, composed with passionate patience and sensuous tempo.

A Transylvania based label which aims to contour an innocent, playful and curious image for creative and sensitive people.