The selection of films chosen this year for the Moldova Film Festival x Romanian Creative Week screenings is built around the concept #TheSenseOfWonder. The cinematic artworks will meet the idea of preserving the sense of wonder and astonishment towards the natural, outer world and the intellectual, inner world. The narrative universes and directorial approaches in the selection made by the curator of this section, Caterina Pruteanu, capture the need to protect the state of wonder – a way of being towards the world that tends to be erased from consciousness by the time we reach adulthood.
In the midst of our hyper-techno-scientific culture, it seems even more urgent to remember what is too often lost and the price we pay for that loss.
Location: Sala Voievozilor, Palatul Culturii
Curator: Caterina Pruteanu

Consiliul Județean Iași