Projections and structures of the subconscious mind demonstrated as black & white as it may get, to be the reason for not handing out certain emotions but instead creating ones yourself. For centuries, we have tried to figure out just why our brains play these nightly shows. Weather is a matter of unradical opinion towards artistry or of proclaimed depiction of informational recall, consolidation of memory or cognitive function of memory strength, we ask why, we connect the dots to our level of spiritual intensity, unaware of limits and sensations that might occur past over our decisional journey. A phenomenon of deception upon an era of misleading and presupposed personas & culture.

How do we master the authentic self in today’s theatrical glory? How can one man remain a bona fide to its initial purpose?

A pillow is one of the center pieces of life since ancient routes. We maintain the deepest connection in reverence to our reality of a guarded zone, as much as a region of unexplained & unbounded liberation. Where harmony is imbalance contoured as a free of charge lesson of blunt social coherence and genuineness.

Dreams have long been puzzling and fascinating, as occur when the cortical parts of our brain, the area responsible for higher-order functions such as language are active during sleep, while the lower portions prevent messages from getting to our body that would otherwise cause movement.

This installation represents an undecorated state of true self that people experience by one essential need. Depicted through an unceasing series of angles of brut identity continuously shifted and altered by the simple participation to being. Fantasies, satisfactions, deadlines, childhood traumas, vulnerabilities, lovers, betrayals, beliefs, tranquility, composure, all stacked into a pillow of inscribed meaningful particular non-sense.

Authenticity & Visuals are core interactions; The mediums used to create this liberal fixture are purely natural as much as the message sustained. We have integrated three elements of essential usage, Visual, Auditive & Sensorial. Imagery, Stainless Still.

How is your sleep life going?