INTEGRA 2.1 by KSA follows the idea of the first project in the series, INTEGRAT 1.0 which took place in May 2023, an event that united for the first time in an art gallery in Iasi two artistic fields that seem different at a first glance, illustration and architectural illustration.

This year INTEGRAT 2.1 will bring to attention illustrations created by architecture and art (graphics) students from Iasi during a workshop that took place in 2022 during the first exhibition. The aim of the workshop was to promote the current cultural background: The Istrati-Drossu House. Likewise, the project will focus on illustrations and architectural installations created by Kreative Studio Architects, studio team (arh. Simona Cercel, arh. Ionuț Diaconu, arh. stag.  Florin Olariu, stud. arh. Cristina Chioncu) together with the visual artist and curator Ana-Sabina Drinceanu (Phd. University assistant). It will be an unusual architectural installation, as the structure will change its form three times during the time of the exhibition. 

The concept of the INTEGRAT events aims to design architecture installations which will temporary transform the exhibition space, thus generating an unique way of viewing and perceiving the artworks. The project’s idea is to lead the viewers through an immersion process and interaction with the creative approach of an architect or illustrator, beyond the “first glance”.  

INTEGRAT 2.1 is endorsed by Romanian Architects Union (UAR), Iasi.

Time and place:

INTEGRAT 2.1 will take place at Labirint Gallery, Mihail Uraschi Cultural House in Copou Park, between 13-28 May 2023. Events:

  • 13 May – Opening night – first phase of the central installation
  • 19 May – second phase of the central installation
  • 28 May – Closing night and the only time to view the third phase of the central installation

INTEGRAT 2.1 is the first of a series of events that will take place in Iasi in 2023 under the same name.