How can we define humanity in the 21st century, through blockchains, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, trans-humanity or through wars, pandemics, totalitarian ideologies and anguish? How can we describe the quality of being ”human” when the term seems to cover both the evolution and regression of the species, depending on the more or less privileged place from which we observe the choreography of the present. The exhibition, Humanity on Display, is a fragment of a fresco that captures, as in a snapshot, the provisional nature of the truth about a moment in time.

Each artist communicates through his/her own visual-identity vocabulary a vision on the borders or on the symbioses between natural and artificial, animal and human, reality and utopia, capturing the transformations and developments of an experience, sensation, idea through anthropomorphic, mythological, hybrid overlaps or fragmentations, infused with the drops of the inner reality. Deconstructing concepts, outlining entities, interrogating theories, each work appeals to the individual’s perception on his/her self, the world one lives in, the beings, beliefs and tools one lives with, the technology that shapes the existence.

Looking at each pose of this reality, you ask yourself: what makes us what we are and what are we as a species? Are we atavistic, biological, cultural, societal accumulations or receptacles of technological augmentations? What implications does all this have on our identity as human beings? Certainly, a single answer is impossible to find, but we can see how, with each plunge into the layers of the being, both the original, essential self and the imagined self, projected on the mirror of the 3.0 society, are brought to light.

Mapping through painting, sculpture, graphics and installation the ramifications of evolution filtered by the artistic genome, the exhibition presents the life inside the being, from the intercellular level of an organism to the internal circuits of a nanobot, a life seen from the outside, challenging the stereotypical imaginary. Without being a judgment or a prophecy, Humanity on Display invites you to reflect carefully on humanity today, what we are and what we hope to be, especially since sometimes what we want, we may actually get.