Diana Oțet

Diana Oțet (b. 1987) works in Cluj, both as an artist and as a university lecturer at the University of Art and Design in Cluj-Napoca, after having previously been a lecturer at the Faculty of Arts in Oradea for several years. Diana Oțet graduated from the University of Cluj with a degree in graphic design and has exhibited in private spaces in Romania, Belgium and Taiwan (Quadro Gallery in Cluj, Mie Lefever Gallery in Gent, NUNU Fine Art Gallery in Taipei), in independent art spaces (Alert Studio Bucharest, Aici Acolo Cluj) and in public cultural institutions (Cluj Art Museum, Brasov Art Museum, Cetate Gallery in Oradea, Casa Matei Gallery in Cluj).

The mediums used by the artist compose a range that includes drawing, painting and various mixed media, Diana Oțetbeing interested in an artistic representation with a personal (intimate) and symbolic character open to the archetypal and spirituality. Her works tend to highlight the fragmentary and fragile nature of memory, but also to offer a particular angle from which natural beauty can be acutely perceived.