Art is a form of language.

The aesthetic map of the expanded modernity that we are currently traversing is an invitation to journey through unknown or insufficiently charted territories. In order to pursue an articulate conversation, we always need to adapt our own universe towards a polysemantic grammar anchored in the present.

The aesthetic pool we are swimming in is filled with cultural products that are no longer subject to any kind of chritical or academic domination. This total freedom of expression is an asset we have earned and must be celebrated as a new facet of Freedom. In order not to become confused on the vast and sometimes uneven territory of contemporary art, we can appeal to a conceptual map, ”which is, in itself, a generalization”.

The synchronicity between the universal artistic language and the diachrony of recent creative expression is the journey this exhibition aims to embark on.

The dynamics of diachrony is also specific to the contemporary aesthetic language. Time, with its variations, internal transformations, as well as those caused by external factors (historical, cultural and political stimuli), generate a rapport of antinomy between syncronicity and diachrony.

The vocabulary of Romanian contemporary art is obviously and constantly developing conceptual and aesthetic polyphony. Dinamic diversity, articulated discourse as well as the vibrancy of the forms of expression are dominant traits of the times we are living in.

Just as the exhibition SINCRONIA, in 2022, DIACRONIA (from the Greek ”dia”, along, and ”chronos”, time) attemps to archive the territory of creativity; it is a brief abstract of cultural and aesthetic conflict, a language of current states, as well as a topography of the present.

Consiliul Județean Iași