Camilia Filipov (b. 1990) is an artist born in the Republic of Moldova and a graduate of the sculpture specialization at the University of Art and Design Cluj-Napoca. An emerging artist, but of impressive expressive and conceptual maturity, she has been invited to exhibit in galleries with a solid reputation in Romania (Sector 1 Gallery in Bucharest, SABOT Gallery in Cluj, White Cuib in Cluj, IOMO Gallery in Bucharest, Art Encounters Foundation in Timișoara), the Republic of Moldova (Lutnița Gallery) and in Europe (Plan B Gallery in Berlin, MŰTŐ in Hungary; UNA Galleria in Italy).

Camilia Filipov experiments with different artistic mediums (sculpture, painting, video or drawing), her works are elegant and subtly metaphorically charged, sometimes suggesting a lyrical meditation on form, space and representation. The simplicity of the visual elements present in her works is deceptive: the artist is not in search of the picturesque, but of serious essences, both from an aesthetic and symbolic perspective.